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What to bring to your first ride with us

Here are a few things you will possibly need to bring:

1. Your bike, your helmet and shoes; whichever shoes you prefer to ride in. 2. spare inner tube(s), repair set with tyre levers and pump(available at the shop if required) 3. sunglasses/suncream/waterproofs (seasonally dependent) 4. gloves or mitts 5. GPS (please transfer the ride route to your device as it's always helpful to have a couple on the ride) 6. money/card for cafe stop or train etc Safety suggestions

Please give your bike a little night before 'check over':

1. Check the tyres for sharps which could lead to a puncture.

2. Check the pressure and pump them up if necessary. There will be a track pump in the shop for all to use before the ride.

3. Hold your brakes on and push your bike forwards and backwards to check nothing is loose such as the wheels, headset, stem and handlebars.

4. Check the seat post is sturdy.

5. Try to check your derailleur is straight(what's that? - it's the contraption on the back wheel by the cassette - if in doubt, ask Nick and his team at Giant Camden!). Group riding tips

1. Please keep in your set groups, familiarise yourself with each other, look out for each other and communicate, tell each other your names - it's all very social.

2. Ride in single file on busier roads as you ride out of the London city area and two to three abreast as you get onto the quieter roads, if safe to do so.

3. When you approach traffic lights, bunch up into rows of 2 or 3 to occupy a lane so cars can see you properly.

4. Please don't all trickle one by one through the traffic to the front of the line of cars.

5. Use your hand signaling and talk to each other.

6. Try to keep safety a priority! This is especially important if you decide to ride back to London when you may be a little more relaxed after your stop or potentially a bit tired.

And have fun!

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