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Team GC Zwift

Same Goals, New Friends, All Virtual

Our Story

Team Giant Camden 'GC' Zwift was born in lockdown V1.0 when we couldn't get together to ride our bikes as a real life cycling team. 

Since it was founded, our small zwift club has gone from strenght to strenght. We have over 200 members across the globe training and racing with us and we host our own official Zwift events open to all the community. 

What do we offer?

  • Team GC Zwift is a mixed club for everyone wherever you are in the world! It is Free to join (you can support our charity fundraisers if you wish)

  • We have official Zwift events (Wednesdays workouts and Sundays group rides). You can sign up directly on Companion app

  • We target races as a team on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

Weekly Schedule


Zwift Racing League


Giant Camden Workouts


Chase Race Series


Team Time Trial


Tron Hunters

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What do you need?

  • An indoor trainer and a Zwift account - whilst you don't need to be an expert on the platform, we recommend a few rides before joining the team to get used to how it works

  • If you're interested in racing:

  1. Create a account ​

  2. Create a Zwiftpower account and join our team  

  3. Download Discord App and join our team

  4. Take part on one of our official events to unlock the Giant Jersey

Once you have completed the above, simply come say 'hello' in our New Joiners Whatsapp group, and one of our ride leaders will get you added to our racing teams 

Racing guide

Please have a read at the most up to date information for racing. The races are all of different format with different rules, so please familiarise yourself with this prior

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